Shoreline Biome is developing a Next Generation Sequencing test (NGS) which provides the first rapid and cost-effective method for looking at the microbiome at sufficient resolution to use as a diagnostic test. C. difficile and other related microbiome imbalances. The test identifies pathogenic changes from multiple microbial sources that could adversely affect hospitalized individuals.


This project was extremely fun for me. The Shoreline Biome guys had taken a photograph of a hilly wooded shoreline which they had been using as their logo. They wanted to keep the spirit of that photograph in their new logo but wanted a clean and professional logo that fit within the scientific and medical fields which are typically very stark and boring. Also legibility and brand recognition on a small scale was very important because their brand would appear on small tubes and labels.

I wanted to break some molds and take some risks with the re-branding of Shoreline Biome. Expanding on the idea of nature I developed the color scheme: yellow for sun, green for earth, and blue for water. I also developed the “wave” as we lovingly nicknamed it, or the vertical bars of yellow, green, and blue assembled in a repeating pattern in the wave-like line that wraps around the test kit and appears on the business cards, powerpoint, etc. The “wave” is symbolic of a DNA helix and the process of sequencing. The “wave” sits above the bottom of whatever it is positioned on creating a sky above and water below in the negative space tying it into the logo. Also when the text kits are positioned next to one another the “wave” will matchup and continue from one to the other. Still more goodness to come from this project that is still in the works!