CÜR Music is a streaming music service – a mix of radio, expertly curated stations, and your own playlists all in one. Share your favorite music with friends and send them full songs with a photo or video.


At CÜR Music I was responsible for designing a cutting edge music application for iPhone, iPad, Android, and a web app. I ensured that the designs I created and the resources I managed were consistent, optimized for usability, and aligned to our target demographic. As the product was put through testing and usability problems arose I had to quickly and efficiently come up with solutions for each client. One of the major challenges I faced was reaching for the stars with an incredible design that technically wasn’t compatible for the development timeline so compromises had to be made. Our small team enabled me to work hand and hand with developers. This helped me gain a technical perspective that enabled me to create beautiful designs that were also dev friendly. The iPhone and Android app have been successfully been launched but the web app is still in progress.

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