iDevices focuses on smart home products that are cross-compatible with HomeKit, Siri, Alexa, and the Google Assistant. The wide range of products include wall outlets, switches, sockets, and thermostat. The world of IOT is a very complicated and intriguing sphere that I am very happy to be a part of. My role at iDevices as the UX designer is to improve the current application and solve complex issues that arise as the application grows and evolves to accommodate new product lines and integration with new technology and services. iDevices was recently acquired by Hubbell which is very exciting to see where the new partnership will take the evolution of the iDevices brand.



One of my first big projects that was the first time user experience. When a new user enters the world of smart home technology and sets up our products there are a ton of permissions we need upfront that are overwhelming and very technical. My mission was to streamline this process and add some personality and create a level of trust and security that will encourage users to give us those permissions.



This project stemmed from the on boarding process. People are hesitant to fill out forms and give their information. My job was to make this process as easy and as appealing as possible.


For each product controlled in the app there is a corresponding icon. The goal was to create unique recognizable icons that function at multiple sizes and in multiple states. To take these new icons and have them visually represent the various states such as ON, OFF, DIM, and COLOR. Through out as the app evolved the concept was the user would interact directly with the icon as opposed to toggle controls.