I love adventure and work extremely well under pressure. I have the need for excitement and change but also have deep roots that connect me to places and people that keep me the core of who I am. I see art and design in everything that I do so I wanted to share a few stories that help make me who I am:

My grandfather has a buoy wall at his cottage in Rhode Island. It is an obsession to gather buoys from wherever I go to build my own buoy wall someday. Beach combing after a big storm to see what the sea has unearthed or left behind is the best time to go.

On a family vacation in the BVI we swamped our dingy on a man-eating reef in Anegada after returning from Christmas Eve dinner ashore. We all had to get out to bail and push in our Christmas finery.

One of my most memorable dives was a night drift dive on a reef called “Los Tormentos” in Cozumel and I saw the extremely rare splendid spotted toadfish.

In Utah I went horseback riding through the Wasatch Mountain range and hiked to the Fifth Water Hot Springs, which is about an hour and a half drive and a five mile hike into the middle of the Uinta Mountain Range. It was so incredibly beautiful.

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